Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

Meet the Staff

Ericka Duesterhaus

DHH Itinerant Teacher


My name is Ericka Duesterhaus and I have been teaching in the Clark County School District for 21 years. I began teaching in 1997 as an itinerant teacher for deaf/hard of hearing. In 1999, I started teaching in an auditory/oral preschool classroom. Then in 2003, I got my Master’s Degree in Early Intervention in Deaf Education. I have also taught Kindergarten-2nd grade and have recently returned to the position of itinerant teacher for the deaf/hard of hearing.


I can be reached at (702) 799-0754

Molly Erminio

DHH Itinerant Teacher


This is my 11th year teaching in CCSD. My first five years were spent at Hayden ES in a 3rd-5th grade self-contained total communication classroom. Since 2011, I have been an itinerant teacher.


I can be reached at (702) 799-0754

Lisa Grimm 

DHH Itinerant Teacher


My name is Lisa Grimm. I have been an educator for 35 years. I started teaching in 1981 after earning my B.S. in Deaf Education from The Pennsylvania State University. My first job was as a Community Preparation Specialist for the Deaf at a residential facility for the multiply-impaired. Through the years I have taught in both special and general education, but my heart has always been in working with Deaf students. I earned my M.A. in Deaf Education (with a minor in multiple impairments) from Gallaudet University in 1986 and have devoted 25 years to this field. I taught in Total Communication (TC) classrooms at both the elementary and middle school levels in PA, MO, and Germany before moving to Nevada in 2011 to fill a TC position at Greenspun JHS. In 2018, I switched to the Itinerant Department and am loving using my training in a more supportive role.


In my spare time I enjoy reading mysteries and singing. I have often performed in community theater productions, various choirs, and as a soloist. I was recently able to check off a box on my “bucket list” when I performed with one of my choirs at Carnegie Hall!


For any questions or concerns related to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students I can be reached at:


Helen Glenn

DHH Itinerant Teacher


Teaching Experience:

    • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Detroit, Michigan
    • Kansas City, Missouri
    • Aldine, Texas
    • Topeka, Kansas



    • Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Administration
    • Master of Education Degree in Educational Administration
    • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary/Deaf Education


Helen can be reached at (702) 799-0754.

Kristin Kline

DHH Itinerant Teacher


My name is Kristin Kline and I have been a Deaf/Hard of Hearing teacher for eight years. I started in the total communication early childhood classroom where I became passionate about early intervention and education for families of Deaf/Hard of Hearing children. I am currently an itinerant teacher which allows me to travel around the district and work children that have a variety of abilities and needs. I also asess children through Child Find when they are turning three and getting ready for early childhood.


I enjoy spending time with my family, reading books with my four year old daughter, going to concerts and plays, and listening to NPR. I am passionate about American Sign Language. I believe it can be the best way for children with a variety of abilities to communicate effectively. If you have any questions regarding early childhood, the Child Find process, or anything else related to the education of Deaf/Hard of Hearing students.


Please feel free to contact me at (702) 799-0754

Antoinette Lewis

DHH Transition Specialist


Antoinette Lewis holds a Bachelors degree in Dual Elementary Education and Deaf Education (Grambling State University) and a Masters Degree in Autism and Intellectual Disabilities (University of Nevada at Las Vegas).


Over the last 22 years, Antoinette has been a dedicated American Sign Language Interpreter, Intervener, Transliterator, General Education Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Teacher of the Deaf, Project Facilitator and Instructional Specialist. She has a true love for ALL students however, her passion has always been to educate individuals who are Deaf and/or Hard-of-Hearing and those providing services to them.


Currently, Antoinette works for the Clark County School District in the Low Incidence Disabilities Department as the sole Transition Specialist for the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing, where she coordinates, designs and presents a plethora of services, activities and events to assist administrators, teachers and students through their school transitions as well as provides resources and trainings to the Teachers of the Deaf throughout the district and state.


Antoinette can be reached at (702) 799-0754

Lisa Joiner

Administrative Assistant