Student Services Division

Contact Information

Student Services Division
4170 McLeod Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

Ivy Burns, Exec. Director
(702) 799-5472


Maureen Diaz
East Schools


Pamela Tarkanian
West Schools


Rod Knowles, Exec. Director
(702) 799-5413


Katrina Goodman
North Schools


Debby LaRocca
South Schools

Department Overview

Special Education Team members provide direct compliance, technical, and instructional support to special education teams at the school site. There are four teams (North, South, East, and West), that consist of administrative, licensed, and support staff.

  • Provide professional development on compliance and instructional strategies.
  • Supervise administrative, licensed, and support staff personnel.
  • Development and oversight of department budget.
  • Support special projects/Division initiatives.
  • Provide technical support to teachers/schools to support students and/or classrooms.