Social/Emotional Teaching And Reinforcement (STAR)

The LINKS Teams’ STAR provides a variety of services to CCSD staff and parents of students with behavioral/emotional challenges. We provide comprehensive professional development to staff that focuses on the successful utilization of evidence-based approaches to learning, as well as, consults with teachers and staff, on a referral basis, to address individual student, teacher, or classroom issues not addressed through the district-wide professional development opportunities. The LINKS Team provides professional development coaching and support to schools with Social/Emotional Teaching And Reinforcement classrooms in the following areas:

  • Behavioral Support
  • Classroom Management
  • Social/Emotional Skill Development
  • Curriculum
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Individual student and classroom consultation
  • Administrator Professional Learning

Professional Learning Announcements

The LINKS STAR Team Offers professional learning sessions throughout the school year.  All professional learning sessions can be found on ELMS. LINK STAR will be offering the following professional learning sessions during the 2023-2024 school year:

Administrator/SEIF Professional Learning 

  • This professional learning session addresses: the components of an effective STAR program, trauma-informed teaching, aligning STAR curriculum with the Nevada Educators Performance Framework, and supports and services for your school.

Building Positive Classroom Series:

  • Behavioral Strategies for STAR Classrooms
    • This professional learning sessions addresses: behavior management strategies to use in STAR classrooms, reinforcement strategies, and proactive and reactive planning.
  • Curriculum for STAR Classrooms
    • This professional learning session addresses: curricular resources for STAR classrooms, SEL curriculum for STAR classrooms, “flipping” your STAR classroom, and lesson planning for STAR classrooms.
  • Data Collection
    • This professional learning session addresses: setting up an effective data system for STAR classrooms, interpreting data and making behavioral and instructional decisions, as well as, tools for data collection.
  • Reinforcement Systems
    • This professional learning session addresses: reinforcement strategies for classrooms, the different types of reinforcement that can be utilized in classrooms, and how to implement reinforcement systems.

STAR 101 the Basics

  • This professional learning session addresses: the characteristics of a STAR classroom, how to develop classroom schedules and zoning plans, classroom set-up to increase engagement, setting up and teaching reinforcement systems, classroom routines and systems, setting up a data collection system and how to interpret data, and differentiating instruction for varying grade levels.

Utilizing Zones of Regulation in the Classroom

  • This professional learning session addresses: the connection between social-emotional wellness and learning, how to incorporate Zones curriculum into academic instruction, proactive and reactive behavior responses, and methods for shaping pro-social student behaviors.