ATS – Tier 2: Equipment Loan

Tier 2 Equipment Loan is used to REQUEST student-specific light tech items such as: Touch Monitor, Switches, Single message buttons, PECS Books, etc.


The intent of the Equipment Loan is to address student need by issuing additional equipment to the school. IEP Teams are able to borrow/trial light tech items by using the Request for Equipment Loan form. Light tech devices can support areas of need such as communication (e.g., support with picture exchange), writing support, and physical access (For example, a student who is unable to use a standard computer mouse may be able to use a touch monitor, switch with switch interface, or touch pad instead.)

A Tier 2 Equipment Loan can be requested for a student via the

Assistive Technology Service Request

For service please call 702-855-8440 or email us at: