Gifted Education Services

Contact Information

Gifted Programs Office
4040 Pecos-McLeod Interconnect
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

Stacy Moll, Director
Office (702) 799-8601

Fax (702) 799-1523

Department Overview

Gifted Education Services (GES) identifies and serves the academic and affective needs of students identified as gifted in Grades 3-5, students identified as highly gifted in all grades, and students identified as eligible for the TAGS program in Title I schools.

  • Provides academically appropriate instruction to students identified as gifted.
  • Provides professional development for classroom and gifted programs teachers.
  • Assesses referred students for Gifted and Highly Gifted programs.
  • Conducts universal screening of all second graders attending Title I schools.
  • Conducts workshops for the parents of students identified as highly gifted.