Audiology Services

Contact Information

Audiology Services
3626 Pecos-McLeod Interconnect
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Verona Sutton-Dunn, Director III

Audiology (702) 799-7445

Fax (702) 799-1581

Department Overview

Audiologists perform individual diagnostic hearing evaluations on students using a
variety of test measures including otoscopy, pure tones, speech perception,
validation of hearing devices, play audiometry, immittance measurements, and
otoacoustic emissions.

  • Interpret the impact of hearing loss on education, learning, and classroom performance.
  • Make appropriate referrals and disseminate information regarding available resources for amplification.
  • Recommend ear-level equipment based on educational needs.
    Select and fit appropriate digital modulation (DM) systems (both sound field and ear-level equipment).
  • Troubleshoot all DM equipment in the department and in the classroom.