Deaf and Hard of Hearing Department

Contact Information

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Department
3626  S. Pecos-McLeod
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Paula Watkins-Baker, Coordinator

Office (702) 799-0754

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Interpreting Services is now located here.

Department Overview

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Department provides direct instruction, consultation and transition services to students in both Aural/Oral (non-signing) and Total Communication (signing) settings. Teachers collaborate with the IEP teams to ensure students are receiving appropriate academic instruction, accommodations, and supports.

  • Provides administrative support via teacher/student observations.
  • Collaborates with Case Management and ESY for placement.
  • Collaborates with community partners.
  • Provides access to the curriculum via interpreters.
  • Provides Sign Language Aide screening for Human Resources.