Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

Audiology Resources

How to read an audiogram This link provides a quick tutorial on how to read and understand the basic audiogram.


Troubleshooting a hearing aid Although you should always contact your CCSD audiologist with any questions, this link may help you solve a few simple problems.


What do I do if my student’s hearing aid is whistling or squealing?

A squealing hearing aid can be very distracting for the student, the teacher, and the entire class. Squealing occurs when there is too much room or air around the earmold, making a tight seal impossible. First, ask the student to push in his/her earmolds in to reinforce the seal in the ear. If that doesn’t help, or relief doesn’t last long, then the parent needs to bring in the child to be fitted for new earmolds and there’s nothing much you, the teacher, can do.


Does CCSD provide hearing aid batteries for students?

No, CCSD does not provide hearing aid batteries. Parents are responsible for purchasing and providing extra batteries to be kept at school or in the child’s backpack.