Office of Compliance and Monitoring

Contact Information

Office of Compliance and Monitoring
4170 McLeod Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

Daniel D. Ebihara, Executive Director
Office (702) 799-1020

Fax (702) 799-1066

Department Overview

The Office of Compliance and Monitoring (OCM) protects the rights of students with disabilities by ensuring that CCSD practices are consistent with State and Federal laws. OCM provides services to District staff and parents that ensure children have access to a free appropriate public education.

  • Monitors schools and programs for IDEA and Section 504 compliance.
  • Represents CCSD in hearings and state complaints.
  • Assists parents with exercising their rights and resolving conflicts.
  • Provides district-wide professional development.
  • Provides technical assistance to achieve compliance with state and federal laws.