Special Education Resources

During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The resources identified were compiled by reviewing information provided by various entities to support students in special education, including federal¬†government websites, state departments of education, professional organizations, and school districts across the nation. CCSD is not endorsing their use, but wants families to have access to distance education resources. The nation has shown its strength and generosity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many developers are offering free services during this time. CCSD has identified websites and apps that do not require a subscription after the crisis ends. Please be aware that there are sites and apps that offer a premium service. There is no need to subscribe to the premium services.¬† Your children’s teachers and therapists, if applicable, will assist you with learning extension activities. They may not be familiar with all the websites and apps identified here.¬† Be safe and stay healthy.

  • Available services include acute and well care visits, immunizations, sports and annual physicals, behavioral health, vision, and preventive and restorative dental services.
  • All services are provided under a Memorandum of Agreement approved by the Clark County School District Board of Trustees.
  • Data is collected annually from the service providers and provided to the Clark County School District Board of Trustees detailing services completed, number of students serviced, and school sites served.
  • The following information and resources can be accessed on the CCSD Student Services Division website by clicking on the CCSD Community Outreach link below:
    • Calendars detailing:
      • Services Offered
      • Dates, Times, and Locations of Service Availability
      • Special Events
      • Application Link
      • Consent Forms
      • Informational Brochures

There are more resources available on our Community Outreach page.