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N2Y is offering free access to their products during remote learning times.  CCSD teachers who already have ULS licenses are using a number of tools to share materials with students and parents.


Teachers with ULS licenses can set up an individual Student View for all of the students in their ULS classrooms.  Once this has been completed, the students have access via an internet login to the activities associated with the ULS lessons that the teacher has included in their calendar. Teachers  can monitor Student View activity from the teacher account.


Teachers can also download materials from the News To You product as PDF’s and send the newspapers, breaking news items, and/or the associated activities to the student/parent electronically.


Here is the information that we have shared with teachers to assist them in getting started with Student View:


If you find that you need to find ways to engage students in remote learning we wanted to make sure you have all the necessary tools to successfully work with ULS and students at home.  


Here are the instructions to create student login accounts to allow students to access lessons/activities, science and social studies courses, and n2y library books from any device. Students will be able to engage with lessons and activities from Unique Learning System.


Here are some resources to help you set up an individualized remote learning experience for each student:


Additionally, through Unique Learning System, teachers have the ability to assign lessons and activities through your My Plan. You can also take advantage of the Homework feature through their Teacher Dashboard.N2Y’s Student View collects data when students are working independently. You will be able to see the collected data on all scorable activities by viewing the Daily Scores & Observations section of Teacher Dashboard. Service providers can utilize this data to ensure students are completing the lessons and addressing state standards, as well as identify opportunities to make adjustments to benefit the student.  Here is an article to address Student Daily Performance.  News-2-You articles and activities and boards created in SymbolStix PRIME are not currently available in Student Login, however, these materials can easily be printed or emailed to parents/guardians. Additionally, for your students who are without internet access, all of the lessons and activities for each unit can be printed out or downloaded as a PDF. Please see the Printing Guide for more information on how you can do this.


Many teachers have also created interactive worksheets that have been shared in the ULS Google Shared Drive.


N2Y support is available to help both teachers and parents with questions.  Here is the contact information:


If you or parents/guardians need assistance, please have them contact N2Y’s dedicated Customer Care Team at 800-697-6575 option 2 or support@n2y.com.