Special Education Resources


For secondary students (grades 6 through UN) with significant disabilities, specifically those secondary students who participate in the Nevada Alternate Assessment (NAA)


Digitability is a Computer Education and Technology curriculum program which can support the .5 credit requirement for the Alternative Diploma.


The Digitability curriculum also provides secondary students with pre-employment transition services (Pre-ETS) that align with the Pre-ETS requirements from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA, 2014).


Michele McKeone, CEO and founder of Digitability, has offered the online component of their curriculum through short-term licenses (will last the duration of this school year) so students throughout Nevada with significant disabilities, and their teachers, have access during the COVID-19 pandemic.


To receive access to the short-term licenses for Digitability, please contact Michele McKeone (michele@digitability.com) directly. Provide the school and teacher name.


Digitability Short-Term License Package:

  • Online/virtual training for teachers includes:
    • Overview of the Digitability Program
    • Navigating the Platform
    • Accessing Curriculum Resources
    • Introduction to Evidence-Based Practices Embedded in the Curriculum.
  • Weekly Reports: Teachers will be sent weekly emails with student usage data.
  • Digitability Online Accounts Teachers and Students (at-home access)
  • Teacher Access to Digitability’s Video Level 1 Lesson Library
  • Teacher Access to Digitability’s Level 1 Lesson Plan and Supplemental Materials Library – These materials can also be shared with families online.


Skill Areas Included in Short-term License Materials:

  • Level 1 Digital Literacy
  • Level 1 Online Safety
  • Level 1 Functional Academics (comprehension, financial literacy, writing skills)
  • Level 1 Social Skills
  • Level 1 Communication (expressive/receptive language development)
  • Level 1 Behavior (motivation, self-regulation, increasing time-on-task attendance)

For additional PreK curriculum materials for the home, please email Webbk3@nv.ccsd.net