Student Education Management Systems


Below find a list of SEMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you cannot find the answer to your question, you may also try the following: 

  • Email questions to SEMS via Gmail at SEMS Helpdesk at
  • Call the SEMS Helpdesk on the WAN 0099-0295 or (702) 799-0295


Please note, SEMS does not answer CCSD Best Practice questions. For questions related to IDEA, NAC, or CCSD Best Practices, please contact your region support team.

Do the Sped Census and The Resource Room Verification Reports work during the summer?

The Sped Census and the Resource Room Verification Report do not work during the summer and will only work once students are actively enrolled.

How do I know which forms to Staple vs. Associate?

The following forms are associated in Infinite Campus: Testing Accommodations, Consent for Special Education Supports, Medicaid Consent, Release of Information, and Behavior Plans. For a complete list, see the Stapling and Associating Forms Quick Reference. Pathway: > Resources > SEMS Infinite Campus Resources > SEMS Infinite Campus Quick References.

Why does IC look different? What is the New Look?

The New Look now allows end-users to access custom tools, such as CCSD Custom Reports and CCSD Error Check Reports.  This new Infinite Campus experience contains all of the same tools as the old look of Infinite Campus, but includes several improvements. Please watch the following short videos for more information– Episode IV: A New LookEpisode V: The Classic Look Strikes BackEpisode VI: Return of the UI.

Select the New Look Toggle to switch between the old and new looks.


Here are some additional resources to help get you started.

Try the New Look of Infinite Campus Article

Summary Video (Enable, Navigate, Search, Feedback)

Searching in the New Look

New Look CCSD Custom Tool Pathways Workbook

Who do I contact for assistance with 504 plans in Infinite Campus?

Please call the SEMS Helpdesk on the WAN 0099-0295 or (702) 799-0295, or feel free to email SEMS Helpdesk via Gmail at for technical support. For any other 504 related questions, please contact the Office of Compliance and Monitoring at (702) 799-1020.

Why is the wrong grade showing on my printed IEP plan?

This error may occur due to the following reasons:

  • If you enter the incorrect year as the IEP start date, it will pull the incorrect grade level from the enrollment tab based on the IEP start date.
  • The Refresh Student Information button was not selected and saved in the Student Demographics editor.
When completing a Revision IEP, why is the grade not updating the student demographics editor, even after I refresh and save?

When refreshing the Student Demographics and Parent/Guardian Information in an amendment, enter amendment reason, save, select refresh, and then save again.

Do I have to delete uploaded documents that did not use the correct naming conventions, and re-upload with the correct naming convention?

No, you do not need to delete the document. To change the name of an uploaded document, highlight the document to be renamed. Open by selecting open or double clicking. In the “Name” field, type in the new name using the naming convention quick reference guide.  Pathway: > Resources > SEMS Infinite Campus Resources > SEMS Infinite Campus Quick References > Naming Convention.

Which placement LRE code do I use when I have two placement pages: P1 or P2?

Use the placement LRE code the student will be in on Oct 1.

Why are students missing on my Resource Room Verification Report?

Possible reasons may include:

  • Expired IEP
  • Unlocked IEP
  • Incorrect Program Code selected on the Case Manager tab
  • Case Manager has an end date on the Case Manager tab
  • Meeting Type is marked as “Other”  in locked IEP
  • Case Management was not informed of the change of placement from self-contained to resource
Why aren’t the new Eligibility date and Anticipated 3-Yr Revaluation dates automatically updating to the IEP after we have locked a new Determination of Eligibility event?

The new Eligibility date will not roll over if the IEP event was created prior to the determination of the Eligibility event. The new evaluation date will need to be manually corrected on the IEP.

Why can’t I open the draft IEP plan?

For users with access to multiple schools, ensure the student’s current school location and the appropriate year are selected from the dropdown menus in the tool bar at the top of the page.

Related Services and Itinerant personnel: Why can’t I find my name in the Team Member Tab?

Select CCSD Programs in the “School” dropdown menu.

IEP was held and locked with an incorrect future date. Can we hold an amendment to fix this?

A future-dated event cannot be amended. Administrative approval is needed to unlock this event to make corrections. Please contact your region coordinator.

How do I remove students from my Caseload list?

Caseloads are assigned via the Team Member tab.  To remove a student, find your name in bold in the Team Member tab and add an end date and select save.

Why is my name not showing when I select the Find & Link New Team Member in the Team Members Tab?

Ensure you have the student’s school chosen. If you are a related services provider, you will need to have CCSD Programs selected from the school dropdown menu. If your name still does not appear, please call the SEMS Helpdesk (702) 799-0295.

When should I end date myself as Case Manager?

Case managers should enter an end date on the Case Manager tab once a student is no longer on their caseload. If you no longer have access to the student, please request your school SEIF enter an end date or call the SEMS Helpdesk.

Why am I getting an error message when I try to upload a form to IC?

The following special characters are no longer allowed in the file name when uploading a document: colon (:), slash (/), period (.), comma (,), brackets ([]), curly brackets ({}), exclamation mark (!), quote (“), asterisk (*), question mark (?), greater than/less than (<>), pound (#), plus (+), ampersand (&), percent (%), pipe (|), carriage return, line feed, and tab.

Do we have to lock Progress Reports?

Yes, as of 4/28/2022, progress reports must be locked prior to printing and sending to the parent/guardian and filing a copy in the confidential folder. Case managers are responsible for coordinating with related service staff to ensure all goals have progress reported prior to locking. Locking should occur no later than the end of report card distribution day. Progress report timelines not aligned with report cards should be locked prior to sending them to parents/guardians and filing a copy in the confidential folder. Please see the Locking Progress Reports Guidelines and IC Quick Reference – Progress Reports for more information.

Why would a student who was previously exited and now requalified, not have an IEP flag?

The previous exit date and reason must be removed from the Enrollment tab prior to locking the new IEP. If this is not done, please call the SEMS Helpdesk for assistance.