Student Education Management Systems

Known Issues




Uploading Forms


The following special characters are no longer allowed in the file name when uploading a document: colon (:), slash (/), period (.), comma (,), brackets ([]), curly brackets ({}), exclamation mark (!), quote (“), asterisk (*), question mark (?), greater than/less than (<>), pound (#), plus (+), ampersand (&), percent (%), pipe (|), carriage return, line feed, and tab.

Adobe Reader


Please see the directions to download the latest version. You will not have to uninstall your current version of ADOBE READER. You may have Adobe Flash Player and ShockWave Player installed as they do not interfere with Adobe Reader. This fix should be compatible with most operating systems.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact our SEMS Help Desk at 799-0295 or 0099-0295 on the WAN.