Student Education Management Systems

Known Issues

Uploading Forms

The following special characters are no longer allowed in the file name when uploading a document: colon (:), slash (/), period (.), comma (,), brackets ([]), curly brackets ({}), exclamation mark (!), quote (“), asterisk (*), question mark (?), greater than/less than (<>), pound (#), plus (+), ampersand (&), percent (%), pipe (|), carriage return, line feed, and tab.


Special Factors Editor

NOTE: This issue has been resolved for plans created on or after September 16, 2023.  

For any plans created prior to that date, Question #7 is incorrect on the printed IEP.  It is correct in the editor; therefore, the IEP team should read the question as it appears in the editor in Infinite Campus.  Please hand-correct the question on the hard copy with “Does the student have a Specific Learning Disability and Dyslexia?”  The hand corrections should be documented on the status record.


Required Editors

New functionality has been added which requires editors to be marked ”Complete” or “Not Needed” prior to locking the plan. At this time, only the Medicaid Consent editor can be marked as “Not Needed.” When completing an Exit IEP,  all editors that do not need to be completed in an exit can be marked “complete” even if they are blank with the exception of the following editors:

  • Strengths, Concerns, Interests, and Preferences
  • Special Factors
  • Method for Reporting Progress
  • Extended School Year Services

Complete these editors as appropriate for the student within the exit IEP.


Data Plan

When completing a Data plan, the following editors should not be filled out, but will need to be marked as “complete”:  

  • Meeting Participants 
  • Specially Designed Instruction 
  • Supplementary Aids and Services 
  • Related Services and 
  • Statewide and/or District-wide Assessments 
  • Medicaid Consent 


The following editor will display as required to complete a Data Plan:

  • Transition Services editor: This editor cannot be marked complete if it is blank; therefore, if it is not applicable for the students, please indicate “Not applicable” or “Not needed”  in the required fields. Data plans are not included in the error reports where “not applicable” or “not needed” is used.


Transition Services editor

The Transition Services editor is displaying as required regardless of the student’s age. Please indicate “Not applicable” or “Not needed” in the required fields for students under the age of 16.



  • If changing the minutes on the SDI editor. Each start date will need to be updated to reflect the date of the meeting.
  • The “Revision to IEP Dated” field has been renamed “Revision Date”. Continue to indicate the IEP that is being revised in that date field. 


Service Plan for Private and Homeschool Students

The print version of the Service Plan document is displaying the Service Plan Review Date as the same date as the Anticipated 3-Yr Re-evaluation date.  The Service Plan Review Date is correct when viewing it in the editor in Infinite Campus, but will need to be hand-corrected on the printed plan.


Another User in the Editor Error Message

An error message indicating the editor is being modified by another user populated after the user was no longer in that editor. There is a “lock” icon on the left side of the editor toolbar that will tell the user who is also in the editor. The current workaround is to have the previous user “cancel” out of the editor and log out. This should clear the error message.


CRT Alternate Assessment editor

The Alternate Assessment question page will appear in the printed plan even when the NAA editor is marked “Not Needed.”


Headings overlapping on printed documents

The headings overlapping on printed documents issue has been reported to the vendor and there is no estimated date for correction.  As long as it is not impacting content, but rather the headings, no further action is required.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact our SEMS Help Desk at 799-0295 or 0099-0295 on the WAN.