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Nevada Special Ed Documents New Look in Infinite Campus


Please select this video link for a brief overview of the new functionality.


The Nevada IEP, Data Plan, Service Plan, and Evaluation documents have been completely rewritten with the New Look of Infinite Campus. The new print formats for these documents are NV IEP 2023, NV IEP Data Plan 2023, Service Plan 2023, and NV Determination of Eligibility. The new documents include functionality changes and system issues.  A complete list of these changes can be found below. 


NV 2023 Determination of Eligibility


New functionality changes have been made to the NV 2023 Determination of Eligibility print format. 

  • Eligibility Header: 
    • The Transition meeting type has been removed
    • The 3-Yr Re-Evaluation Date field has been added and will auto-fill exactly 3 years from the date of the Evaluation Date
    • The MDT Date has been removed as it was duplicative of the Evaluation Date
  • Completion of the NV 2023 Determination of Eligibility
    • When completing an NV 2023 Determination of Eligibility, all editors need to be marked “Complete” prior to locking. Each of the following editors will need to be refreshed, saved, and marked as “Complete”: 
      • Enrollment Information
      • Student Information
      • Parent/Guardian Information
    • Follow current procedures for creating and inputting data in the Determination of Eligibility checklist(s).  If no Determination of Eligibility Checklist is required (e.g., Waiver or In-State Transfer), the Determination of Eligibility editor should be marked as “Not Needed” without completing a new checklist. 


NV IEP Plans


Student Information Editor

Select Refresh, then select the appropriate zoned school from the dropdown that aligns with the student’s grade level.  

Note: The zoned schools that populate are based on the student’s current address.  The current school (Assigned School) will be noted in the Enrollment Information editor.


Federal Placement Code

The Federal Placement Codes (FPC), otherwise known as the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) codes, have been added to the placement page. The Federal Placement Code associated with each placement should be documented; when the Enrollment Information editor is refreshed, the code will pre-populate in that editor.


Multiple Placement Codes in an IEP (e.g., P1 & P2):  When completing an IEP with two or more placements, ensure that the appropriate code corresponding to each placement page is selected. 

      • For example, for a Pre-K student moving from an Early Childhood placement to a school-age placement the following school year:
        • Placement 1: Select the appropriate E-code
        • Placement 2: Select the appropriate B-code


Infinite Campus will automatically refresh the Federal Placement Code/LRE Code in the student’s Enrollments > Special Ed Fields > Student Placement field based on the dates indicated on each placement page.


Enrollment Information Editor

To populate the enrolled school, LEP status, and grade information on the first page of the printed IEP, follow the steps below in order:

Select Enrollment Information Editor

      1. Select Refresh
      2. Select the primary school from the pop-up box in the upper right-hand corner Do NOT change the School Number (this is the State School Number, not the School location code)
      3. Enter the Primary Disability
      4. Enter a Secondary Disability if applicable
      5. Select Special Ed Status
      6. Select a SAVE option


Completing the Editors

All IEP editors must be marked as “Complete” or “Not Needed” before the IEP can be locked.

NOTE:  At this time, only the Medicaid Consent editor can be marked as “Not Needed.” The CRT Alternate Assessment editor will automatically default to “Not Needed” if Alternate is not selected in the Statewide and/or District-wide Assessments editor.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact our SEMS Help Desk at 799-0295 or 0099-0295 on the WAN.